PR Connections 1: BP Clean up?

June 11, 2010

On PROpenMic, there is a story about a tweeter who is a spoof on the BP PR department. He is taking his aggression out in the form of words on Twitter. And helping his cause by selling some simple yet hilarious shirts.

According to the story, ” The man behind BPGlobalPR, who spoke with The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said Tuesday that he started the tweets out of anger: ‘It frustrates me to see companies spend money on public relations rather than the problem.'”

Check out his twitter account: @BPGlobalPR.

His shirts are $25 apiece. So far, he has raised $10K. Whoever he is-good for him! Glad to know someone is doing something good in retrospect of the oil spill, all the while BP approves 13 NEW deepwater wells.

click here for the story 


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