Reading Notes: Chapter 2

June 11, 2010

Julius Caesar was probably the first politician to publish a book, Commentaries, which he used to further his ambitions to become emperor of the Roman Empire.

  • Virginia Company distributed flyers and brochures throughout Europe offering 50 acres of free land to anyone willing to empire.
  • Edward Bernays is noted as the father of public relations. .

4 Classic Models of Public Relations

  • Press Agentry/ Publicity– Information is greatly exaggerated to create a hype; can be described as advocacy w/o advocacy.
  • Public Information- Distribution of  information. The purpose is that it is not necessarily persuasive.
  • Two Way Asymmetric– Scientific persuasion w/ a feedback loop. The purpose is to help a communicator better understand the audience & how to persuade it.
  • Two Way Symmetric The most balanced of the 4 models. It has policies & actions that are mutually beneficial to both parties.


  • More than 120,000 copies of Tom Paine’s Common Sense were sold in three months, an early example of political communication to a national audience
  • Henry Ford was America’s first major industrialist and was among the first to use two public relations concepts:

 -The notion of positioning and -To be accessible to the press

  • The Publicity Bureau was established in Boston in 1900 and was the first publicity agency. Chicago Edison Company broke new ground in public relations under it’s president Samuel Insull

All information found in Public Relation Strategies and Tactics. Authored By: Dennis Wilcox and Glen Cameron


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