Reading Notes: Chapters 1 and 13

June 11, 2010

Chapter 1:  Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, Study Edition (9th Edition)  Authored By: Dennis Wilcox and Glen Cameron

What is “Public Relations”?

A person who works in public relations is someone wise in the area of understanding the public, and also someone who communicates functionally in today’s society.  It is hard work for a pr practitioner. There are long hours  (time management is a key function of this field) filled with research, planning, problem solving, communication and actions.  A person must be proficient in communication skills; both verbal and oral.  This person must be able to “think outside the box” and relate to the general public in ways that are appealing to every member of their audience.

In addition to the long hours put in for research and planning, the communication side usually involves journalism, broadcasting and marketing to reach a maximum fulfillment of the need. It truly takes on every aspect of mass communications.  Both foreign and domestic companies need someone to work in public relations.  There are about 200 national and regional public relations organizations around the world.  Here in the United States there are almost 7,000 public relations firms with a revenue of over $6 Billion. Also, entry-level salaries are higher than many  other communication fields.

To be an effective member of the public relations world, it is important to remember these key things: 
public interest
two-way communication
strategic management

Also, as I’ve already said, it is important to remember the necessity of being proficient in these skills as well;
Business/economics competence

To better understand public relations just remember this acronym. RACE.
Research: What is the problem or situation
Action: What is going to be done about it?
Communication: How will the public be told?
Evaluation: Was the audience reached and what was the effect?


Chp 13.
Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, Study Edition (9th Edition)
Authored By: Dennis Wilcox and Glen Cameron

Technology and Public Relations

Some main technological tools that are used in public relations field are

  • Computers
  • The Internet
  • Cell phones
  • Personal Digital Assistants
  • Memory and Flash memory
  • Electronic blackboards

Computers and the Internet:  Computers have become a main gateway for communicating effectively in the age we live in. By having a computer we can easily access the internet which permits us the use of email, texting, blogging, podcasting, brochureware, and/or RSS . Thanks to these two inventions, the field of public relations has become very technology savvy. Our world has become technically savvy. Computers and the internet allow people to stay connected, as well as help coordinate events by keeping a calendar, making it easy to type up a memo or press release (instead of on typewriter), fast copies can be made for mass distribution, and aiding in research. This makes it possible to pull up thousands of documents with the click of a button. As much as computers help in communication the internet is even more of an integral part of this. The internet is how we have the access to stay connected.  It amazes me when I go visit my grandmother (who still doesn’t know own a computer) at how slow life seems.  Because she lives in N. Ga, my family has to call her from our cell phones so she won’t call us. You see, her only phone (a land line) bill is  outrageous when she makes long distance calls.  And snail mail is the only mail she knows. Though technology may take some of the personality out of things, it makes up for it with accessibility, flexibility, and the speed by which it does so.  Where I talk to her once a week, I can text people and start a conversation while I’m still at work (sh… don’t tell anyone!) or I can get on the internet and blog my rants and raves, my pros and cons, my genius ideas and my idiotic ideas to all of you fine people!

Yes, some people may say that technology is taking us away from people and thus induces a passion to be “alone.”  But hey, way I see it we’re all alone in this world. At least with technology you can still communicate with people and ACT like you want to take part in society. No fake smiles behind a computer, no quick turns and walking the other way when you see an ex. And, when I don’t want to answer that call from World Financial Network National Bank I don’t have to because I can screen my cell phone! YAY!


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