June 11, 2010

PR Department VS PR Firms

I think a person could probably get more insight on public relations by working with a firm, simply because a firm is centered on that specific job. Yes, a department is centered on it, but you could be pulled from your job to do other jobs as well. This is the case of most departments. Take for example one of the places I work: a recreation department. There are several departments within that department; afterschool, athletics, marketing and communications, the clean up department etc… I work in the afterschool department but get pulled in to help athletics sometimes, as well as other departments. But in a firm, it’s all centered on Public Relations.

It may be better for someone who is just starting out in the PR field to try to start out in a firm, but I don’t think departments should be discounted either. Some places are just to small to have PR firms. For example Statesboro. Statesboro is too small a community to have a PR firm, but Savannah is large enough with the surrounding area (Hilton Head, Tybee, Ft.Stewart, Statesboro, etc.) to have a base that can support it. Take for example CarriageTrade PR- this is a firm in Savannah. Would they be able to stay in business if they were to move to a smaller place like Statesboro? Or Hinesville? Probably not.

My whole reasoning for saying that is that some people don’t want to move to a big city. Just because I want to work in PR doesn’t mean that I want to move to San Diego, Atlanta or even Savannah. That’s why it is also good to get experience in departments. You really get a feel for working in the community and seeing people and getting those contact. Even if you’re pulled from one department to another, it may get hectic, but in the end you do it because there is a love for your job. An honest inspiration to be the best and excel at what you do. You can’t always find that at a firm.

Here is a list of Georgia PR Firms — notice where majority of them are.


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