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June 12, 2010

1) 2010 AP Stylebook Update – Casey Corley’s Blog – 6/11/10

Wow- I did not know they had reformed the stylebook! I hope in the process they made it easier to read. I’m glad to see they added some new texting and im’ing accronyms – lol is one of my favorites. Now I can buy the book for my mom so she’ll understand me when I text her and say: JJ-MnED @ movie. txt ltr.luv u. g2g.! She would read that and say “HUH?!” 🙂

2) PR Connection #2 – Allie Aronson – 6/11/10

Click here for a link to Allie’s blog

It is amazing that a newspaper- essentially – can ban a word. Not that “tweet” is the word it meant from the beginning (a sound a bird makes) but does that mean they should ban it? It’s gotten the attention of Alyssa Milano- she “tweeted” about it tonight! It’s not something I would say in every day conversation, but I don’t see it taking so much space in out vocabulary that it’s as common as email. Therefore I say– Tweet on youth of America!

3) Five Ways to keep current in Public Relations – Barbara Nixon – 6/25/10

Click here for the link to the blog

I really enjoyed this blog. I found it very helpful, especially since I’m just starting out. I thought it was particularly interesting how you included watching the news. I am taking another class on campus this semester and the professor asked the class just the other day- “How many of you watch the news on tv?” I was, to be frank, astonished by how few hands went up. That is my main source of news coverage because it is 30 minutes out of my day that I don’t have to do anything else. Granted- wsav doesn’t do the worlds’ greatest job of keeping me informed on the world stage- but they do a good enough job that when I hear about something, I perk up and if I want to know more, I go find it either online or in a newspaper story. It’s hard to imagine not having the opportunity to watch the 11:00 news because it’s been a part of my life for the past … 8 years? Since I was old enough to realize it’s importance.
Anyways, THANK YOU! For the words of advice.

4) Social Networking Outliers and Connectors – Kneale Mann – 6/25/ 10

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I completely agree with this. I am starting out in the Public Relations field and find your advice extremely helpful. Especially the part about getting stuck. Even in my every day job I see people getting stuck and sometimes all it takes is a hand and a smile to help that person out. Sometimes it is myself that gets in the bind and I just want to cry- but through perseverance and having an open mind- I have created many relationships which help pull me up and remind me that I can’t always succeed at everything. Noone is perfect and all we can do is strive to do the best.  Thank you for the words of advice!

5) Pr Connections #3: BP & PR – Nikki Arcala – 6/25/10

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I totally agree with you Nikki. It is so frustrating that this CEO is more concerned with winning a yacht race that helping clean up his mess. The comment he made about wanting his life to go back to normal? I just wanted to scream and throw a chair at him! Hopefully, his life will NEVER go back to normal- seeing as the people who live on the Gulf Coast will never be back to normal. People in New Orleans thought Katrina was bad- they just can’t get a break! And, from what I hear, we MAY actually see some of the effects from the oil spill on our own beaches. I go up and down the Georgia coast up into the southern part of South Carolina all the time. I have heard that there is a chance the oil could hit the gulf stream and make its’ way up here. It is amazing how little these “higher officials” seem to care. It’s gut-wrenching to see the animals that have been effected, as well as the human lives that have been torn to pieces since day one. All we can do is hope for the best and show our support any way possible.

6) Topic of Week 5: Twitter – Allie Aronson – 6/25/10

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Yay for you Allie!  I completely agree with how your mind was more stimulated by Twitter than Facebook. Isn’t it amazing how a “Social Networking Site” can be so different? Of course- I’m sure that more people probably go on Twitter and do the “facebook thing” where they put- going to the gym, or something like that. But you learned (and so did I) that it can be used more efficiently and you can truly connect with people. If you can connect with people, it makes it a little easier. Instead of having to learn on your own- you have others to help out. I’m glad we had this assignment, and glad to see you learned how to not only USE the website, but how to dive in and use it to your advantage.  It’s a great thing- once we do it right!

7) T.O.W. 5- Amber Laurin – 6/25/10

Here is a link to Amber’s blog

Amber, I feel the same way! It is amazing how closely nit Twitter seems. Instead of being a message for EVERYONE and ANYONE- it can really be limited and meaningful. It is also nice that we can use twitter to futher network and make those connections. When we have connections, like I told Allie- it’s easier to learn because instead of having to do everything on your own, you have a network of people who can help guide you in the right direction. I’m glad to see that you liked Twitter and found it easy to use. Honestly, I think Twitter is probably the easiest webpage to use, so long as you know ANYTHING about computers!
Also- if you go through blogs like Professor Nixon, or PR OpenMic, or Ragans PR Daily- usually there are people who comment on topics on those pages. I have found these to be a great source for people to follow on Twitter. It’s a great way to keep up with people involved in PR!

8- Blog Publishing Checklist – Jessicah Dennis – 6/25/10

Click for a link to Jes’ blog

Hi Jes,
I’m sorry you haven’t had many comments. It’s always a bummer when you’re hoping for something and get nothing.
One quick word of advice- don’t tell us how bad you suck. It’s okay that you’re not the greatest at it, none of us are experts. We all have to start somewhere, and learn somehow. I’m glad you dove on in and are getting your hands dirty. There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of accomplishment when you thought you couldn’t do something. Tell us about how well you have done! (Its hard to do, I have this same problem!)
On a much lighter note, I do appreciate your sharing with us the PR Daily article. I hadn’t seen that one and it’s really something we ALL need to be reminded of. Not just newbie bloggers, but even some of these older guys. I have seen some blogs that go on and on and have such high levels of abstraction that it’s hard to get to the root of what they’re saying. You know- those blogs that when you get done reading them you’re like, What did he/she say?

Again, thank you for sharing. I do appreciate it. I hope this helps you with your blog and hope you find more comments soon!

9) PR Connections – Want a hotel upgrade? – Amy Green – 6/25/10

Click here for a link to Amy’s blog
Amy, I too read this article. Did it just blow your mind that this was happening and you hadn’t heard anything about it until now? I was stunned! But, like you said-it’s worth a try. I’m glad that you did it and it worked for the best for you. That is awesome news. It is nice to see that this form of media (social networking) is getting some attention – for the betterment. It’s interesting that you found the hotel on Twitter. I hadn’t even thought about it. I’m planning a vacation in the next few weeks as well, and though I read this article too- it didn’t even occur to me to try to find out the best place to go. I’m still narrowing down, but instead of my having to turmoil over which hotel I can afford or feeling as though I’m in the seat of- what can I do for them, it’s time for me to take the reigns and say- What can THEY do for ME! I love it when the public revolts for a good cause. Gives “Carpe Diem” a whole new look.

10) Pr Connection: Wanna be a TJ? – Jackson McGahee – 6/25/10

Click here for a link to Jackson’s blog.
I seriously can’t believe you remembered all that- much less that you found a picture of Jesse Camp! That was so long ago and as I was sitting here reading your blog, I couldn’t help but laugh at remembering this whole era. I remember watching this and thinking to myself- are you serious? This is what we have succummed to? It amazed me then- and still does, I have to admit. Granted, I don’t watch much MTV anymore, it was at one point in my life- a staple for every day living. As I was flipping through the channels the other day- I saw where they were holding the “Wanna be a TJ” and it really made me stop and think about how far not only technology, but we as a society, have come in the past 20 years. If there is something to be said for MTV it would have to be that they are truly trend setters in so many ways. They are really becoming (as if they weren’t already) a mass media all on their own. They are, to me, the perfect example of conglomeration. It will be fun to watch and think back on how much things have changed, and see just how high these people will push the bar!
Thanks for the quick walk down memory lane!

11) 5 Tips to Make the Most of a PR Pro’s Summer – Keith Trivitt – 7/7/10

Click here to head straight to Keiths’ blog.

Hi Keith,
I am just starting out in PR and love that you are here to spread some words of encouragement and advice. When you talk about how we are in the golden age of media. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is amazing how far technology has come and imagining where it is going. The convergence of all mediums may seem like doomsday to some, but I like to think on the positive side so I can say – I have all of this technology at my fingertips and it is getting better with every day! Not only does it make this job a little easier and efficient, but it opens up so many avenues for pleasing clients.
Thank you for your tips for making the most of my summer!

12) TOW #9 – Amy Green – 7/12/10

Click here for Amy’s blog.

I couldn’t agree with you more. I wish I had of read yours before I made my own list- I would have snagged some ideas! 😉
Especially number 9. It is so frustrating when I read a blog and there is a study done about something I find incredibly interesting, and I can never find the study!  I want to know exactly where someone got their information because otherwise, they lose that credibility and I won’t visit their blog anymore.
I also agree with tip number 3. I had one similar to this. So often when a person is bored by a topic and just writing because they have to- it shows through in their writing. I have kept up with your blog throughout the summer and think you’ve done a wonderful job!
Thanks for the great tips!

13) Here are some tips I found for job searching! – Samone Pittman – 7/12/10

Click here for Samone’s blog.

Thank you so much for this blog. Though most of these things are usually common sense things, it’s important to remember them when going on an interview or even just filling out an application/turning in a resume.
I know that personally, whenever I get calls for an interview I get so excited that I even have the chance to interview, so much so that some of these tips I forget. It’s easy to do in the heat of the moment when you’re getting ready, the butterflies in your stomach are fluttering so much you just want to puke, and all you can think about is- what if they ask me this question and I say the wrong thing!! Anxiety usually takes the steering wheel pre-interview and just having these tips written down on a piece of paper is such a great way to not only remember the important, common sense stuff, but also it’s a fantastic way to calm your nerves.
I wish you the best of luck in your future interviews and hopefully, these tips will help you to put forth the best face and get that job!

14) Ch-Ch-Changes – Casey Neal Carter – 7/12/10

Click here for a link to Casey’s blog.

Congratulations on the new job Casey. Though I don’t work in the field of PR yet, I DO have a full time career. I know how stressful it is to be on the jumping off point and not knowing where you’re going to land. Luckily- you seem to have found a place where you can have a comfortable landing. Thank you for the go-to attitude and reminder that even when it seems there are no jobs out there, there is always hope, as well as the reminder of how important it is to stay positive.
So, a few things you may need on your desk (that I keep stocked on mine)- a stapler, pencils/pens, tape, white out, pictures of people who love you and are supporting you, and somewhere -if not on your desk, somewhere that is in your face in case you forget- a note of positive reinforcement for those days where you feel like nothing is going your way. Oh- and in the bottom drawer of your desk keep one of those stress reliever balls so when you want to rip someones head off- you can take that to the bathroom and throw it at the wall as many times as needed! 🙂
How was your first day?

15) Chapter 10 – Ashley White – 7/12/10

Click here for Ashley’s blog

Ashley, I couldn’t agree with you more.  When I read this chapter I felt so overwhelmed with a lingering sense of doom, but was uplifted to find different ways to deal with the different crisis. I think that being prepared for a crisis before it happens is such great advice. It’s a way to, as my mother used to tell me, “watch your p’s and q’s” by not giving yourself over to the possibility of the crisis. However, in the event of one- here’s your plan of action which you have already made out- just in case! It gives the lingering doom a swift kick in the butt like a ray of sunshine, don’t ya think? You are absolutely right when you said these are tips we all need for PR Business. Some PR professionals probably need to be reminded of this, as a matter of fact. Thanks for sharing what you found.


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