BP slacking on AC360

June 12, 2010


3 Responses to “BP slacking on AC360”

  1. caseycorley said

    Nice video, but BP’s response to Anderson Cooper doesn’t surprise me at all. At one point in the video Anderson says, “I’ve asked BP to come on the show, I can’t understand why they wouldn’t.” Well basically BP officials just don’t want to have to explain themselves to everyone that is being affected by the oil spill. BP needs to step it up and cap the spill. I just feel so bad for all the families that depend on shrimping or those that depend on the gulf for their income. Hopefully BP will cap the spill and there will be an effective clean up for the spill.

  2. In this video, Obama gives us a vague sense of hope when informing us that he is discussing the oil spill with professionals. He also says that he was in the gulf a month ago and is still unsure as to who should be held accountable for the spill. There must be an enormous amount of pressure.

    I too believe that BP should be held entirely responsible for the spill and it’s cleanup. Sadly, there has been irreperable damage to the ocean floor.

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