PR Connections 3: Tweeting about your hotel room?

June 24, 2010

On Ragan’s PR Daily News there is a story presented from the Wall Street Journal about people who go onto twitter or facebook or TripAdvisor and let people know about how good or bad the hotel they stayed at was. It turns out that some hotels are going onto these websites and giving people extra “perks” to make up for bad reviews or to entice someone who has made plans to stay with that hotel.
Personally- I think this is a TERRIFIC idea! If I had a dime for every time I have had to go to the front desk to complain about one thing or another- i’d be a rich woman now! It is exciting to think about how these social netowrking sites are helping keep these places accountable for their service! Hurray for the honest people.

One thing though that makes me worry- how many people are going to take advantage of this and ruin it? There are always people out there that will do anything to get something for free. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen any time soon!

To check out the story, click here.


One Response to “PR Connections 3: Tweeting about your hotel room?”

  1. jd02319 said

    I am right there with ya girl! I couldn’t count the times I have been let down by hotels. Even when I did complain, people didn’t seem to care enough. It’s good to know that someone is actually listening now! I really hope that this helps the service that hotels are giving. Even if they stop giving out perks to gain customers, I hope that it just changes their perspective and pushes them toward better customer satisfaction. Eventually someone will take advantage of this opportunity, as it is in our nature, but everything must come to an end. Let’s just hope that there’s some good that comes of this.
    -Jessica Dennis

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