June 24, 2010

Interview with Kneale Mann

In the interview with Kneale Mann, I found it interesting how he expressed that facebook is viewed by the companies and how closely associated we are with the companies we work for. When I was first on facebook (5-6 years ago) it was such a new thing that only college students could become members. Slowly it spread to the general public and I can remember my mother telling me- now Katie (my nickname), you need to be careful about what you put on there because you are showing everyone who you are. That really stuck with me because all of a sudden facebook and myspace were being criticized by young people that were on and there were predators getting these girls’ information and stalking them. There was so much concern baout it and at that point in time, I was still trying to get a job with the board of education. I can remember deleting my facebook because I didn’t want to be linked to some of the people I was assocated with (as sad as that is to say) and also because I didn’t want to take the chance on portraying myself as someone this company wouldn’t want to hire. Now, it seems that everyone in my school, the board of ed.., even my own mother are members of this social networking site. This is part of the reason I still refuse to get on it.

I also agree with what he says about his blog being such a way to find a focus and having your blog be something about what you’re interested in. It is extremely difficult to blog about things that aren’t interesting. It’s a boredom that shows through your writing, which in turns makes your audience not want to read it. “You have to start somewhere” which is right- everything has a beginning and that is the main thing to remember (and keep one from stressing out about it). When I first started blogging, it was my way of expressing myself in sa way that was just venting. It is often hard for me to physically say everything I want, but when I write it- I can take the time to say exactly what I want how I want to say it. It’s very cathartic.

I would really love to know more about where Kneale sees technology impacting the mass media/communications field in the next 20 years. There have been so many drastic changes to keep up with, and every day it seems there is something new that impacts our field, that I would love to hear about his predictions and see if they come true or not.

Click here to view the interview!


2 Responses to “TOW 4”

  1. natbaldwin said

    Katie! I totally feel you on how you view facebook and the other networking sites such as, myspace. I am not on the social sites either not because of the predators, but because of everybody and they mama on there and family all in your business and there’s no more privacy. People take things out of context and I don’t think companies should judge because of a person’s face book but how well they perform their tasks in their workforce. I am glad you take advantage to blog by expressing your feelings and it is a good way to get comfortable with the work. I don’t care to share the world with my feelings because it is typical for me to hold everything inside, and that is probably why I dread to blog. Thanks you gave great insight and similarities.

    • skred said

      Natalie, you’re absolutely right, people often take things out of context. My parents (mother especially!) do it all the time. I was always taught to put your best face forward, and keep the bad stuff hidden in the broom closet. It is hard to express yourself on the internet and still have the discretion to share or not share certain items of business. However, that’s part of learning to blog I think. It really gets you to open up about things you are passionate about and gets you used to writing expressively, in narative format. In so many college classes (especially journalism) we are taught not to use personal words (I, mine…) and you can do away with that thought in PR.
      Let yourself open up to the possibilities that are out there. You don’t have to share everything with us, but you’re a great person and we all want to get to know you!

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