PR Connection 4: 5 Tips to Make the Most Of a PR Pro’s Summer

July 11, 2010

Here is a link to Keiths’ blog.

As I was looking through PR Daily News today, I saw a link to Keith Trivitt’s blog: PRBreakfast Club and was really pleased with his latest blog. It basically names 5 tips for PR Professionals during the summer months- so one can stay on top of their field. I found this very useful, and though I may not be a “professional” yet, it is nice that I can already have ideas for things to do in my summer. Also- these five tips can help out so many people, in many different fields. So, here are the 5 tips:

1) Take a reporter out to lunch. As Keith said- “summer is slow for most people in media-land” and it can give you a good connection to that reporter.  Everyone needs to eat. It is a great way to put a face to a name and personalize your relationship: something more than a voice or a name.

2) Exert some editorial influence.  This is another great way to get ahead of the game and try to have some influence on what will be.

3) Look beyond your normal industry reads. In other words- branch out; become well rounded; become knowledgable because, as in the words of the GI Joe- “Knowing is half the battle.”

4) Think Trends.  Become a trendsetter yourself by making yourself aware of the latest trends. This sets you apart and can be viewed as someone who is not only trendy, but is also ahead of the game.

5) Enjoy every piece of media that’s in front of you. I couldn’t agree with Keith more on this tid bit of information. There is so much media that can be used to enhance ones’ ability to be the best. Learning the different forms of media and utilization of those mediums is key to presenting a successful, knowledgable, well rounded figure.

A few things to remember on the road to each success story! Thanks Keith!


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