TOW 7: Podcasts

July 12, 2010

In listening to different podcasts, it was hard to find one that I could concentrate on. Because I have attention deficit disorder, it is difficult for me to physically sit down and do nothing but listen to someone talk. Especially when you can’t see the people talk. However, I found a few that I actually liked.

The first of these was on For Immediate Release. The podcast was an interview with Jennifer Cohen on the Uni-Ball Facebook campaign on July 7, 2010. The banter went back and forth about how Jennifer is the president of a small marketing boutique called Something Creative. As the interview progressed into questions about the uni-ball campaign to give away half a million free pens, it became clear how important using social networks can be to marketing. At one point, Holtz (the interviewer) asked Cohen how she advertised for this campaign. She said they had ads running on the television during the olympics, and there was  always a spot for the Facebook address at the bottom of the advertisement. When asked if she did any advertising actually through Facebook, Cohen told him how they were waiting to see how the campaign did after only a few days, due to a budget. Because the campaign did so well in the beginning, there was no need to advertise on the website. She also expressed how well the campaign worked because with having half a million pens, the team thought it would take around three months to get rid of all of them, in turn they were pen-less after only a month. The campaign was seeing success with 10,000 pens being given away each day. 

In a second podcast, I turned to Marketing over coffee which had a podcast entitled: Offensive Americans. After driving 7 hours to visit my grandmother over the weekend, 3 of those hours in rush hour traffic in the middle of Atlanta this podcast seemed to be right up my alley!  I found this podcast unique in that the delivery was basically two guys (John and Chris) carrying on a conversation over coffee. To me, it was very reminiscent of the tv show “Friends” when they would all sit in the coffee-house and talk about nothing in particular, but some important stuff all the while.  One of the things these two guys zeroed in on was the differences in high culture and low cultures ad viewing. I completely agree with and understand why there would be trepidation in paying for online advertisements. One knows what they’re paying for but not precisely who will be viewing that advertisement. Unlike advertising on television channels (the golf channel, the food network, lifetime, fox news, etc) or in magazines (playboy, vogue, teen beat, better homes and gardens) or even in the newspaper, when advertising online it is hard to narrow down exactly what your audiences demographic will be. If someone were to advertise on Facebook a new mp3 player, once upon a time they could have been certain that the viewers of that add were going to be young adults between 18 and 25ish. Now, that add can be seen by anyone from the age of 7-65ish. It is hard to narrow down your audience. Also where you may want to advertise a new platinum diamond ring, the only people who may see the ad are those that can’t afford it.
However, there must be some good in it. At least there are people seeing your ads, right?

Personally, I feel that a podcast can benefit PR students/practitioners in that they can hear what others are saying, what is the topic of conversation, what is the latest trends, and how others are handling certain issues. It is a great way for someone in the field of Public Relations to become connected with a world that isn’t on their back door step.


One Response to “TOW 7: Podcasts”

  1. I also have ADHD . . . and I *know* I could not sit still for an entire podcast. I choose to listen to them on my iPod while I’m walking or driving. That works best for me.


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