TOW 8: Writing a press release

July 12, 2010

In researching tips for writing an effective press release I came across two helpful websites. I learned through this research that an effective press release can be one of the best techniques for publicizing an event or issue. According to one of these websites, ” A well-written, well-distributed and well-timed press release is not difficult or expensive to produce, yet can be effective and useful for waging peace.”

Some tips are:

  • Have a clear and engaging text
  • Prepare a careful selection of recipients
  • Have good timing.
  • Pay close attention to the content of the release
  • Start strong
  • Write for the media
  • Stick to the facts
  • Pick an angle and stick to it
  • Use active voice, not passive
  • Beware of jargon
  • Get permission

Basically, it is important to state all the facts, don’t beat around the bush. Make your presence known through the words without being pushy or overbearing. If it is to the point, while saying what you need to say it should be okay.

A good press release follows these guidelines:

  1. Format – necessary information is given in a readable, accessible, and professional manner
  2. Style – easy to read and engaging
  3. Distribution – given to just the right reporters, editors, and broadcasters
  4. Timing – for release at the most optimal time for both reporters and the target audience

For more information on how to write effective press releases, please visit PRWebDirect or NAPF: How to write effective press releases .


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