Hi, I’m Katie. I am a junior at Georgia Southern University. I am majoring in Public Relations because I find it intriguing how it seems to correspond to marketing — by that, I mean that I feel Public relations is a superior side of marketing. In order to market something- you have to sell it. Public relations sells an idea/person/belief/company… etc. Just, they do it with class and style… usually. The never-ending battle to make other people want what you have. It’s a fundamental key that we are enstilled with at an early age – just some people choose to ignore it, while others, like myself- embrace it and want to do something good with it. 🙂 That,and I think it’s interesting to see just how far a person will go to make others want it. It’s a premise of the human soul. How far are YOU willing to go? And in the end it all amounts to how much you believe in yourself.


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