In an article by Patricia Reaney, AARP did a study of the baby boomer generation (adults 50-64) and more than twenty-five percent of Americans are staying connected by using social networks such as twitter, myspace, and facebook. The study also shows that “nearly a quarter of older Americans are on Facebook and 73 percent said they use it to stay in touch with relatives, but not just their children and grandchildren.”

I can personally see this because my own parents, who are in this same demographic, are constantly talking about who they found on facebook. It seems that it is becoming their new telephone. I can see the reasoning behind it; why call long distance (even though we have free long distance on the cell phone) when you can talk to them all you want on facebook. My mother, who is the primary user of facebook in our house, makes me laugh because when she runs into someone she hasn’t seen in a long time, she says “I never see anyone except on facebook!” The other day I was talking to both of my parents about Twitter and the intensity on their faces as they listen to my description of the site was almost shocking. At one point in my life, I never thought I would be able to talk about the internet with my parents, and them be on the same page as I. However, I can see the gap is slowing being bridged by these sites and the ease in which a person can use them.

While Facebook and Twitter, Myspace and others are great forms of communication, and great mediums for public communications, I still can’t help but think back to the days when things were much more simple and all I had to worry about was caller id. For you see, though they may be great tools to contact someone, there is also a sense of invasion of privacy. No longer can you simply say you’re going to the store for cleaning supplies and to get some gas without the federal government flagging your name. No longer can you talk about how much fun you and your boyfriend had this weekend without opening yourself for the worlds’ opinion of WHAT you did.

Though it is meant only as a networking site, social it may be, but shouldn’t we be precautious of “big brother” and the watchful eye?

I digress and congratulate the baby boomer generation for hopping onto the social networking bandwagon. Just remember, as I tell my own parents, you never know who’s watching, so be careful what you say! 🙂

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As I was looking through PR Daily News today, I saw a link to Keith Trivitt’s blog: PRBreakfast Club and was really pleased with his latest blog. It basically names 5 tips for PR Professionals during the summer months- so one can stay on top of their field. I found this very useful, and though I may not be a “professional” yet, it is nice that I can already have ideas for things to do in my summer. Also- these five tips can help out so many people, in many different fields. So, here are the 5 tips:

1) Take a reporter out to lunch. As Keith said- “summer is slow for most people in media-land” and it can give you a good connection to that reporter.  Everyone needs to eat. It is a great way to put a face to a name and personalize your relationship: something more than a voice or a name.

2) Exert some editorial influence.  This is another great way to get ahead of the game and try to have some influence on what will be.

3) Look beyond your normal industry reads. In other words- branch out; become well rounded; become knowledgable because, as in the words of the GI Joe- “Knowing is half the battle.”

4) Think Trends.  Become a trendsetter yourself by making yourself aware of the latest trends. This sets you apart and can be viewed as someone who is not only trendy, but is also ahead of the game.

5) Enjoy every piece of media that’s in front of you. I couldn’t agree with Keith more on this tid bit of information. There is so much media that can be used to enhance ones’ ability to be the best. Learning the different forms of media and utilization of those mediums is key to presenting a successful, knowledgable, well rounded figure.

A few things to remember on the road to each success story! Thanks Keith!

On Ragan’s PR Daily News there is a story presented from the Wall Street Journal about people who go onto twitter or facebook or TripAdvisor and let people know about how good or bad the hotel they stayed at was. It turns out that some hotels are going onto these websites and giving people extra “perks” to make up for bad reviews or to entice someone who has made plans to stay with that hotel.
Personally- I think this is a TERRIFIC idea! If I had a dime for every time I have had to go to the front desk to complain about one thing or another- i’d be a rich woman now! It is exciting to think about how these social netowrking sites are helping keep these places accountable for their service! Hurray for the honest people.

One thing though that makes me worry- how many people are going to take advantage of this and ruin it? There are always people out there that will do anything to get something for free. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen any time soon!

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On Ragans PR Daily News was a story about a PR stunt by Burger King U.K. where they show a young woman in a bikini taking a shower and singing every morning. According to the report, the website is aimed at men 18 and older and also offers them to win a chance to go on a date with the singing shower girl.

Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, but this seems degrading to me. A company sells themself by using sex. The same as beer. A company that should be focused on family and appealing to all sexes (male AND female) and all ages (children, youth, and adults). It is appalling to me that a company would still use this technique.

According to the report; “A Burger King spokesman explained the blatantly male bias of the campaign. He said, ‘Our research showed that breakfast is a male-centric audience for Burger King; it doesn’t resonate as well with women — we are targeting the people who are buying breakfast.'” Well, what about those women that DO eat Burger King breakfast? Way to kick them to the curb. It seems dangerous to take this step in marketing. Am I the only one who thinks so?

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On PROpenMic, there is a story about a tweeter who is a spoof on the BP PR department. He is taking his aggression out in the form of words on Twitter. And helping his cause by selling some simple yet hilarious shirts.

According to the story, ” The man behind BPGlobalPR, who spoke with The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said Tuesday that he started the tweets out of anger: ‘It frustrates me to see companies spend money on public relations rather than the problem.'”

Check out his twitter account: @BPGlobalPR.

His shirts are $25 apiece. So far, he has raised $10K. Whoever he is-good for him! Glad to know someone is doing something good in retrospect of the oil spill, all the while BP approves 13 NEW deepwater wells.

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